The Journal (November/December)

In this issue of the ONS Journal, we feature an article on Nicholaus Copernicus by Greg Zbitnew. The article is an expansion of the fine presentation that Greg gave at the October meeting.

The Journal (September/October)

From Wilf Lauber, part 2 of his article on 100-franc commemorative coins of the 5th Republic. From Ron Cheek: “The Saint John, New Brunswick Coronation Medal”

The Journal (July/August 2014)

100-franc Commemorative Coins of the 5th Republic (Part 1) by Wilf Lauber; An Ottawa Ferry: The Steamer Mansfield by Chris Faulkner

The Journal (May/June 2014)

French Y2K coins commemorating 2000 years of coins in France + Currency Museum since its temporary closure

The Journal (January 2014)

The SMS Emden: First World War German Naval Raider of the Indian Ocean and its tokens + In Memoriam – Lucio Toneatti

moneta (November/December 2013)

Book Review: Coins of Canada + The First World War + 300th anniversary of the death of Queen Anne + An electrifying carnival + Gift sets trade unique 25 cents for 1 dollar + Book Review: Le franc: Les monnaies … Continued

moneta (August/September/October 2013)

The birth of a 2-dollar coin + Honouring Pierre de Coubertin + Winnipeg 2013 – RCNA convention report + Architecture + The commemorative coins of the Fifth Republic, Part 3 – 5 franc coins + Royal Bank of Canada’s “Penny … Continued

moneta (June/July 2013)

A type collection of Canadian 50-cent coins (Part 2) + Summer + Ottawa Transportation wars + Glossary

moneta (April/May 2013)

$100 coin at face value + A type collection of Canadian 50-cent coins (Part 1) + Spring + The commemorative coins of the Fifth Republic – Part 2: The 2-franc coins + Bermuda + Glossary

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